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11 May 2015-

Congratulations to Andrew on completion of his Branch Diver certification. Well done Andrew!


April 2015-

Spring has been relatively quiet so far, with only a few local weekend dives here and there. Those lucky so-and-sos who were able to fly out to Malta experienced amazing weather (of course) and incredible diving, but that’s kind of business as usual over there isn’t it? For those of us who had to stay in bonny Caledonia, trips were taken down to the Lake District, up to Loch Fyne and over to Kenmore Point (see pic), along with several trips to the perennial favourite Capenwray Dive Centre for training (and freezing- Rab’s reg experienced a freeflow!). Our search for a regular pool session continues, with the most recent possibility being Annan Community Pool- talk to Pam for the latest. And as the days grow longer, expect to hear about mid-week evening dives starting to happen again in the next few weeks- keep checking our Facebook feed for details, and of course come to our regular meetings– every Wednesday 8pm at the Aberdour Hotel in Dumfries. See you there!