Here is a list of our current Committee Members (elected 01/03/2017):

Chairman-Robert Vivers (BI)

Branch Diving Officer-Rodger Donald (BI)

Secretary-Emma-Jane Sadler

Treasurer/WebsiteStephen Thomas Bate

Training Officer-Nick Lee (BI)

Equipment Officer-Alex Carruthers (BI)

Communications Officer/Website-Macaulay Moodycliffe


Other Member Profiles:


Chairman: Robert Vivers



Branch Diving Officer (BDO): Rodger Donald


I have always had a fascination with SCUBA diving since watching Hans and Lotte Hass and Jaques Cousteau, and finally got the chance (to try diving) in 1995. As soon as I was under water, especially open water, I was hooked and have never looked back. Once I had qualified, I thought it only fair to give something back to the club and took on several posts listed below.

I joined Dumfries and Galloway Sub Aqua Club in April 1995. I qualified as a Third Class Diver (now Sport Diver) on 07/06/1996, I continued with my training and gained my Second Class Diver (now Master Diver) on 17/10/97. Between the Third Class and Second Class I also became a Branch Instructor (BI), Gas Blender as well as a boat handler. I achieved my First Class Diver on 19/09/2012 and to date, have completed 730 logged dives.

I became the Branch Diving Officer (BDO) around 2003 and have held the post until present. Previous to that I had held both the Equipment Officer and Training Officer positions. Other endorsments which I have attained are First Aid and O2 administration.

Secretary: Emma-Jane Sadler


Treasurer/Website: Stephen Thomas Bate


I first became interested in Scuba Diving nearly 9 years ago (in 2006). I had just split up from my ex. wife and went on holiday to Tenerife to catch some sun. Whilst staying at the complex, I was offered a try dive in the swimming pool. The next day, I had my very first dive in a sheltered cove. I remember the colours underwater were so bright and vibrant and I fed fish from some fruit, which the dive leader had cut open. The visibility was nothing like I had ever seen before and the colour of the fish was like looking into an aquarium.

On returning home to Dumfries, I did not know that there was a local dive club (2 in fact, at the time existed). By chance, my Volvo V70 broke down. A low loader was sent from Newton Stewart to pick me up, as the car was too heavy to be towed by the regular AA van. During the journey, I got talking to the driver and the subject of holidays and diving came up. I thought that the nearest club was Penrith and that was just too far, as I was concerned. Was quite excited to hear that there were a couple of clubs in Dumfries and was given a time and date to turn up. With trepidation, I came along on a club night and received a warm welcome and arranged to return the following week for a free try dive.

My trepidation was, in the main due to my physical capabilities. I am disabled. I have FSHD Muscular Dystrophy . I have Bambi legs and am not very strong. In fact, I can swim farther than I can walk. My fears were completely allayed as the guys (and gals) at the club have been fantastic with me. It took 18 months for me to complete my training. Partly because I had other commitments and partly because I wanted to be completely comfortable in my diving, repeating the training exercises until I was happy and knowing that I qualified on merit.

My first open-water dive was at Eyemouth 4 years ago and I was completely hooked. This was different from training in the pool as the sea is a big, wide expanse of water. I have never looked back since that first dive. I have only completed 67 dives to date, but have dived 3 weeks in Malta (3 years running on club trips), 2 dives in Spain and 2 dives in Malta. I waited for a year to dive the Um El Faroud at the Blue Grotto in Malta and it was every bit as good as I had hoped, and, having dived it 3 times now, remains my favourite dive to date.

I wanted to get more involved in the club and last year joined the Committee. I hope that my 20+ years as a Management Accountant can help contribute in some small way. This is a club run by volunteer members, for the members. We are a really friendly bunch and there is a great ethos of helping others and passing on knowledge, which everybody is happy to freely give. If you have never tried Scuba Diving, you do not know what you are missing out on.  Book a free try dive and see for yourself: Email

Unfortunately, my health is deteriorating and I think that this could well be my last year of diving. If it proves so, I have had had a fantastic time with some great folk who I can call true friends and the memories will last forever.

Stephen Thomas Bate

March 2015.

Training Officer: Nick Lee



Equipment Officer: Alex Carruthers

Alex profile

Bio :- having been interested in the underwater world since watching the Cousteau films as a young impressionable boy, at the ripe old age of 31, I grabbed with both hands the opportunity to do a discover scuba dive during a holiday in 2005 to the Greek island of Zakynthos.

On returning home to the UK and after deciding Scuba diving was for me & having investigated further I enrolled in adult swimming lessons at Sanquhar pool to improve my swimming standard with the intention of doing my PADI open water course on my next holiday in Cyprus.

In 2006 after completing my open water I returned home and by chance heard about the Sub Aqua club in Dumfries having done a try dive in the old pool I didn’t hesitate in joining up then realised I didn’t know quite as much about this diving lark as I had first thought, soon my lack of skill and experience became apparent however with loads of encouragement and constructive criticism I gradually filled the gaps in my experience, knowledge and basic skill and eventually qualified as a Scotsac sport diver in the spring of 2008.

In 2009 I started master diver training & was voted into the position of public relations officer on the club committee and was re-elected the following year.

In 2011 I was elected to the position of club equipment officer which I have held since. Later the same year I became a branch instructor a position I find very rewarding, if not challenging at times I enjoy giving something back to the club whose instructors took the time and effort to train me.

In 2013 I completed my master diver training.

Currently I have done over 300 dives in various locations round the world but the majority of which I have done in the UK and Scotland

Communications Officer/Website: Macaulay Moodycliffe



Other Member Profiles

Peggy Race

Peggy Race

I have been diving for ten years though I have wanted to dive since I was a child.  I grew up in the American Midwest, the geographical centre of the North American continent.  It wasn’t until I moved to the UK that I lived near enough to a marine environment for this to be practical.  I learned to dive on a holiday in the Greek islands.  I was a holiday diver for a few years and had to take a refresher course at the start of each holiday as it was always a year since the last dive.  That was mad!  I live on an island!  Coming home from the last Greek diving holiday, our Washing machine broke.  We had to call a repairman out to fix the washing machine and he noticed that we had diving stuff out on the line . . . The repairman was Alex Carruthers.  He mentioned that he belonged to a dive club and told me about it . . .Eventually, I joined. I have since become a big flag waving champion of diving in Scotland.  A good dive here can beat anything the Mediterranean has to offer!