Club Photography Competition-13/10/2016

We held our very first Club Photography Competition tonight at the Aberdour in Dumfries.

Thank you to all members who entered photographs for the Competition, and to all who came along on the night.

Gordon Rae, Gordon Rae Photography and multi award winning wildlife photographer, very kindly judged the entries and entertained us with an interesting and knowledgeable presentation. His stunning selection of wildlife photographs included birds and squirrels in our local area, Pine Martens and mountain hares in the Highlands of Scotland, and grizzly bears in Alaska. A big thank you to Gordon for a super evening.

Many thanks to Gordon for judging the competition.



The results of the competition are as follows:

Class 1, People Under Water
First; Jean by Alex Carruthers
Second; At the Rozi by Nick Lee
Third; Hot Dog Legs by Nick Lee



Class 2, Underwater Wildlife
First; Dude in Tenerife by Alex Carruthers
Second; Starfish Rock by Nick Lee
Third; Fish by Alex Carruthers

Dude in Tenerife


Class 3, Underwater Plant Life
First; Galloway Anemone, Brighouse Bay by Alex Carruthers
Second; Icelandic Algae by Andrew Williamson
Third; Carrs Bay, Montserrat by Sybil Williamson

Anemone-Brighouse Bay, Dumfries and Galloway
Anemone-Brighouse Bay, Dumfries and Galloway

















Class 4, Structures Under Water
First; Tug 2 by Nick Lee
Second; Plane by Nick Lee
Third; Um El Faroud by Alex Carruthers


Class 5, Other Diving Photos
First; Underwater Volcano, Iceland by Andrew Williamson
Second; Shore Cover by Alex Carruthers
Third; Post Dive, Anchor Point by Alex Carruthers

Underwater Volcano, Iceland
Underwater Volcano, Iceland
















Chair/BDO Choice-Overall winner
Entering Silfra Lagoon by Andrew Williamson

Silfra Lagoon, Iceland
Silfra Lagoon, Iceland
















Afterwareds, we enjoyed refreshments supplied by the Aberdour.