Club Dive: A-Frames, Loch Long

Members of the Club took a relatively short but chilly post-Boxing Day journey up past the Royal Navy base to near Finnart Terminal, where one of the finer dive sites on the loch resides.


The A-frames got their name from the concrete remnants of an old bridge across the loch which, once they decided to knock it down, were tipped over onto the bottom where they make a series of ‘A’ shapes along the loch floor. Known for a diversity of wildlife, including jellyfish, urchins, and the occasional giant eel (perhaps visiting from Conger Alley, another great dive site nearby!), the A-Frames gave us a beautiful day of diving; calm waters, sunny weather, but a little chilly at 9C water temp! Visibility was not great (2-4 meters), but we persevered, logging two dives of 30-45min each, on either side of the slack tide. Special thanks to Sybil who volunteered to be on-shore support, and the drivers Nick and Macaulay. Lets hope for better visibility next time!

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