2016 Annual General Meeting- elections, dreams, food and raffle draws!

The evening sun outside the Aberdour on Wednesday matched the sunny mood indoors as the 48th Annual General Meeting of the D&G SubAqua Club began! Our Chairman Rab Vivers welcomed everyone and thanked all those who made it out, and the folks who gave so much or their time and energy over the past year to make the club what it is, a thriving, welcoming  organisation with many people at different levels of training who can move forward with their goals in their life, both underwater and otherwise.

After introductions we presented the coveted Trainee of the Year Award trophy to Macaulay Moodycliffe, who in February also became a Branch Diver! We had a great set of trainees this last year which made the selection process difficult, but Macaulay’s sunny disposition, his participation in most meetings and dives and quick advancement in his training made the Committee’s choice feel right.


approved the minutes from last year’s AGM and launched into the end-of-year reports from each officer on the Committee. We managed to not put anyone to sleep with our sonorous droning as we described the activities and current status of all aspects of the club, and I think we all came away with a sense that the club as in a healthy and forward-looking state of affairs. Phew!

Once the reports were finished we than nominated a new Chairman (Rab, reprising his role for another year) who immediately disbanded last year’s crop of Committee Members. Nominations for new members started quickly, with occasional new nominees but overall few changes in the members of the Committee (stay tuned for a complete list)- however we decided to create an official new Committee Member titled Child Protection Officer who will look after the welfare of young members while being a point of contact for them and their families should any questions or concerns arise. Weronika Zwolinska, who has previously been on the Committee for the last several years, was nominated and accepted the role- she will begin the training within the next few months.

And with that, we got to the raffle prize drawings! There were two raffles to enter this year, one which required a quiz on marine creatures, and one that tested your knowledge of wrecks around the world. See below for the answer keys!

Top prize for the wreck quiz was a bottle of very nice ACTUAL champagne. Congratulations to Alex Carruthers, our beloved Equipment Officer, for the win! The marine creatures quiz participants had the chance to win a large hamper filled with wines, oatcakes, Loch Arthur Community chutneys, jams and cheeses, all on top of a oak and cherry cheeseboard made by our Communications officer. This top prizes was snapped up by a relative of a Club member, Ailsa McCulloch of Creetown!


As we snacked on the wide variety of different sweets and savories, we held drawings on multiple smaller prizes, including confectionary, food and Northern Diver Swag. Congratulations to the winners!


And with that, the evening slowly wound down at about 10pm. A lovely evening for the Club, and a good time was had by all. See you all next week!




Marine Creatures:

1.  Cat Fish 11. Mackerel 21. Stingray
2. Halibut 12.Loggerhead Turtle 22. Hawksbill Turtle
3. Baracuda 13. Conger Eel 23.Sea Anemone
4. Humpback Whale 14. Damsel Fish 24. Cuckoo Wrasse
5. Lobster 15. Lemon Sole 25.Clownfish
6. Basking Shark 16. Hammerhead Shark 26. Lion’s Mane Jellyfish
7. Hermit Crab 17. Salmon 27. Seven-armed Starfish
8. Grey Seal 18. Anglerfish 28. Sea Horse
9. Sea Urchin 19. Sea Cucumber 29. Herring
10. Red Mullet 20 Haddock 30. Spotted Eagle Ray



1. Um El Faroud 11. USS Oriskany
2. Rondo 12. Truk Lagoon
3. The Umbria 13. Hispania
4. Thistlegorm 14. HMS Drake
5. James Bond Wrecks 15. Oldenburg
6.Rainbow Warrior 16. Tapti
7. Rozi 17. Scylla
8. Zenobia 18. HMAS Brisbane
9. Scapa Flow 19. Cataline
10. Karwela 20. HMS Repulse